TheoDesignBuild understands that home renovation can be a cause for great difficulties for couples and their families. With a reputation for design excellence and a proven track record in the field, the TheoDesignBuild process allows the YOU to be more creatively engaged and personally fulfilled.

Theo means:

T otal commitment to a collaborative experience
H elping YOU understand the process
E ffective communication that guarantees a full partnership experience
O utstanding care for every detail

My name is Ellis J. Theodorakos, AIA and I know “there is another way.” I invite you to have a conversation with us to explore if we are the right team for YOU. I promise you a sensitive and innovative design-build team committed to building relationships where your true intentions are fulfilled with complete certainty and peace of mind.

   "Your creativity and    construction experience    produced a seamless    experience with results    that exceeded all our    expectations"

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   "Your quiet steady    guidance minimized    interruptions in our daily    living patterns"

202.591.8105 or email ellis@theodesignbuild.com
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